Who’s that girl?

Raised in NYC, Jael arrived in the Big Apple at the age of two from her native Colombia. Shortly after, her parents submitted a picture of Jael to the Ford Modeling Agency. Jael was accepted to the agency and began modeling in ad campaigns and editorials at the age of four. Jael later attended the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, where she majored in Exhibit Design and Multi-media studies. An avid artist, designer and fashionista, in her spare time Jael worked assisting world-renowned fashion designer Patricia Field at her downtown store.  When Jael decided to move to Los Angeles after college to pursue a career in acting, Patricia Field wrote her letter of recommendation to get into acting school.

Jael has studied acting with some of the top coaches in the country including Susan Batson, Lesly Kahn and Janet Alhanti’s masters’ class. She soon became popular in the commercial world, appearing in television and print campaigns for companies such as Levis, Apple, Verizon, Sony, and Nissan. Jael eventually became the face of numerous brand integrations for companies such as Dodge and American Airlines.

In 2006, Jael was approached about an audition for a TV Hosting job. That audition turned into a three-year contract with Al Gore’s newly launched, youth lifestyle television network, Current TV. Jael’s diverse skill set – acting, writing, hosting – accelerated her rise to become one of the lead voices and faces of Current TV. She later went on to produce at the network, creating segments in Colombia, Panama and Mexico including a half hour special for the Vanguard journalism unit in the Darien Gap, a dangerous patch of unincorporated jungle that separates central and South America. Jael also returned to her hometown of NYC to produce a segment about her former employer Patricia Field after Patricia styled the HBO series Sex & the City. She also produced a segment on world-renowned photographer/director David LaChapelle at the NYC Tony Shafrazi Gallery.

Taking notice of Jael’s work, an executive producer of the hit series Destination Truth on SyFy contacted Jael and offered her a part playing the on-camera role of “researcher”. Jael went on to conduct a series of investigations about myths and legends on the show, in places like King Tut’s tomb and the radiation fields of Chernobyl. SyFy was very enthused by Jael’s work and offered her roles in two subsequent shows Fact or Faked:Paranormal Files and Haunted Highway in which she currently performs alongside Jack Osbourne. Haunted Highway just completed production on its second season and is set to air on November 27th. Jael’s adventurous spirit and wide range of travel, have donned her the title of “real life Lara Croft” by her fans. Whether it means repelling down mine shafts in Chile or SCUBA diving with sharks in the Bermuda Triangle, Jael has a knack for getting her adrenaline pumping.

Jael has also appeared in independent films, on E! Entertainment, Travel Channel, AT&T’s Buzz Channel and SiTV, America’s leading cable network for Latinos. Her work has won her awards and accolades such as a Silver Telly and Bronze Remi.

In her down time Jael continues to study acting. She also enjoys writing, and is an adventurer who’s extensive travel has taken her to far-flung corners of the earth. Jael is fluent in Spanish and Italian, and resides between New York and Los Angeles.